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Quartz Matrix Senys - Industrial Division
Case studies
Recomplast Buzau
Data added: 18.3.2013

Recomplast Buzau is the main producer of equipment and accesories for electrical connections and low and medium power installations. Recomplast produced the first measuring and single phase block and it was the one manufacturer that answered Electrica request ro produce such a product.

Why implementing Quartz Matrix systems and equipment?

  • The factory has been modernized and the equipment used in the industrial processes were in a large number and more complex
  • It was not possible to monitor the energy consumption for the production centers (2 centers: Metal Processing and Plastics Processing)
  • There were delays in identifying consumption increases and the ways to eliminate these increases
  • It was necessary to monitor the energy quality because of complexity of equipment

Quartz Matrix implemented systems

  • Complex energy audit
  • e-Net monitoring energy consumtion system in 40 measuring points
  • e-Net monitoring gas and water consumption system
  • Energy quality analyze
  • AirOpTek monitoring compressed air consumption system for 2 flow points, 2 pressure points, 2 temperature points and 2 humidity points


  • The factory reached the parameters requested by European Union regaring the environment protection
  • In 2012, just after 9 months of using the systems, the energy consumption in final product price was about 1,44 % comparative with 2,1% in 2011
  • The month consumption avarage has decrease from 51 MWh/month in 2011 at 42 MWh/month in 2012 at the same level of production
  • Decreasing energy consumption with 18% - resulted in a reduction of 108 MWH/year
  • By reducing idle periods of machines and fully functional of the 3 compensation batteries and the analyzer, the reactive energy consumtion has been reduced with 31%


Data added: 6.5.2011

ULEROM SA Vaslui is a private owned food processing company that is part of the group RACOVA since 2003 and is coming of the former oil company Vaslui, a unit founded in 1976.

The main product of the company is sunflower oil (crude and refined) and biodiesel. ULEROM SA is currently the only company of its kind in Moldova region and the country's fourth largest, with a production over 10% of the entire national production of crude oil. The company uses in the process of production a variety of energy agents and utilities: electricity, steam, technological water. The unit has developed a project for steam technology cogeneration from processing waste (peel seeds). The production process has areas with special requirements due to explosion hazard.

The solution:

  • Quartz Matrix provided site audit and a customized solution  project
  • e-Net© energy management system was implemented with 12 points for electricity metering and 7 points for steam measurement with equipment and communication with anti-ex certification
  • Thereafter, a measuring point for industrial water consumption was added and a system for forecasting power consumption correlated with production demands


  • breakdown of costs for each production area
  • an accurate forecast and savings of consumption of cogenerated plants
  • monitoring and cost allocation on production phases


  • negotiating purchase conditions for electricity
  • reducing acquisition costs with more than 10%

Central Orion Foundry Campina
Data added: 6.5.2011

Central Orion Foundry Campina is a leading manufacturer of metal parts made of gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, carbon steel or high weak allies. The company uses arc furnaces to melt steel.

The electric energy contract is with power load limitation and penalties over the allowed power limit. There was paid monthly penalties with a value of 15 % of the electric energy bill (EUR 3,500). Electric arc melting furnace, the main type of consumer, is very difficult to measure in terms of electricity due to the transitory regime. The company uses analog instruments and manual read for estimating power level and consumption.

The solution:

  • It was done a site audit. Energy flow was evaluated and an electric energy management system was designed based on E-Net© software
  • e-Net© system was installed for an initial number of 31 metering points and a 4 alarms with addressable contacts systems RelNet©
  • An energy budget, for each cost centre, and real time monitoring and alarm for peak power demand were introduced


  • Introducing an automatic real time power monitoring procedure
  • An accurate measurement of consumption by introducing electronic electricity meters, even for the special conditions of electric arc furnaces
  • Breakdown of energy costs on profit centers and the provision of energy budgets for each center, with real-time tracking of allocated quotas
  • Increasing work discipline with positive effects on quality and productivity


  • Over 10% consumption reduction by strengthening the technological discipline and accountability by using energy allocated quotas
  • Complete elimination of penalties
  • A very fast return on investment: the system was paid by the first energy bill with no penalties

Brikston Iasi Romania
Data added: 6.5.2011

Under the name of Ceramica Iasi, the company had a stable market for construction materials mainly in nearby region. After the acquisition of majority stock package by a development fund, the company was renamed Brikston and the new goal was to develop a national market for construction materials.
The energy costs for the final product are more than 60%, so the energy efficiency is of a major importance. The new board team decided to lower the energy cost and to introduce modern energy management systems.

The solution:
After auditing the energy flow, Quartz Matrix designed a solution customized on client’s requirements e-Net© energy management system with 28 points for electric energy and 8 points for natural gas consumption monitoring is the core of energy management. Remote access on the web was designed for reports and various user level (management, commercial, technical). A standard RS 485 data network was introduced at the production level

The solution provided:

  • costs tracking in departments and on equipment
  • energy consumption forecasting based on application data coupled with production planning
  • real-time tracking parameters
  • programmable alarm conditions to overcome
  • generating daily, weekly and monthly reports

Energy balance was measured and evaluated on local installations to detect energy leaks and misuse


After implementing the system, Brikston was able to achieve:

  • A high level of energy efficiency per product unit comparable to the best companies in Europe
  • Significant reduction in energy costs
  • Strengthening overall technological discipline
  • Monitoring the strict discipline of real-time electricity use, generation of accurate energy consumption forecast
  • Low energy acquisition costs
  • Higher product quality


  • 40% reduction in the cost of purchasing electricity by selecting the best energy contract with tight forecasts limits
  • 15 % reduction of the total energy consumption for the same amount of products
  • Eliminating of penalties for the natural gas contract by respecting the production quota

Compressed air management system
Data added: 27.4.2011

AirOpTek ® is an integrated system for measuring, monitoring and controlling structural and operational efficiency of industrial compressed air installation. AirOpTek ® aims: to assess the energy efficiency of plant compressed air generation area, in that of distribution and consumption, to optimize the structure and technologies used on all three components, to evaluate energy performance and to monitor the work cycle and technological discipline.

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